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Terrace Vineyard Syrah 2014

Terrace Vineyard Syrah 2014



**SILVER MEDAL - Syrah du Monde 2017

Since 2010 Kacaba has been able to reproduce a method synonymous with the Cote Rotie appellation in France's Northern Rhone Valley; co-fermentation of Viognier and Syrah. [Co-fermentation is the practice in winemaking of fermenting two or more grape varieties at the same time when producing a wine. This historic method as become significantly less common in modern winemaking.] French Syrah is allowed to contain up to 20% (by weight) Viognier. Most Wineries will utilize the Viognier planted in their vineyards, which usually amounts to 2%-10%. The 2014 Terraced Vineyard Syrah uses Kacaba's own Viognier (planted in 2007), in the highest proportion that we have utilized yet at almost 8%. The Viognier elevates the perfumed characteristics of the Syrah and even though it's a green skinned grape it actually helps to enliven the colour of the wine.

Light purple in colour with a nose of tobacco, leather and ample vanilla bean. Red cherry, cranberry and white pepper round off the initial profile. On the palate this expressive wine develops flavours of espresso, blueberry, anise and black pepper. The velvety smooth palate of this wine will pair well with foods like Salt-crusted pork with gnocchi in sage butter, Lamb with apricot and walnut stuffing or slow-cooked beef casserole.

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