Social Responsibility

Kacaba Vineyards is achieving wider acclaim as a producer of premium Canadian Wines. This not only due to our bountiful earth and climate zone but is a testament to our overall commitment to our craft. This is no better represented than through the dedication of our employees who have always been at the heart of our organization and continue to add so much to our culture of excellence on so many ways. 

Their dedication to sustainable practices has allowed us to increase our grape yields year over year while at the same time becoming more effective and efficient.

Their enthusiasm in making our winery a great place to work. Their unrelenting drive to ensure that all our customers feel welcomed and served with grace and charm. At the same time we have had many opportunities to give back to our community and support our local artisans 

At Kacaba Vineyards we value the efforts of our employees in making changes and offering suggestions that provide the synergy for realizing a sustained growth in the success of our winery. 

The strength of every great organization is a function of its people. We are very fortunate at KV